Partnership with commercial bank for home loan to low income families.

An agreement has been signed between Sewa and Laxmi Bank, to provide home loan to some of the low income families. The bank issues the loans directly to individual borrowers who have been approved by the housing management committee and have set up their own accounts with the bank.

Sewa Home loan is provided to low income families, who own land and want to either upgrade their existing home or build a new one and to indigenous community. Sewa works with the families helping them to analyze their housing situation and plan / design according to their needs. It is important that the families are comfortable with the final design and willing to pay the respective cost. They receive maximum home loan NPR 400,000 to build their houses.

The projects(both new housing and in-situ upgrading) financed by the loan are being planned and implemented by the communities themselves, using low-cost and seismic-proof building techniques, with technical support from Sewa. The project is currently being implemented in Biratnagar(Morang) and Kohalpur (Banke).

Case Studies