About Us

Sewa Pvt Ltd was formed in 2014. We have operations in 3 cities. Sewa develops high quality housing, offered at the lowest possible cost. Sewa’s Affordable Housing Solution takes advantage of the optimal use of materials and ensures housing quality. Affordable Housing Solutions are offered in rural and urban areas.
Sewa’s expert team also designs and constructs high quality commercial as well as residential units as  per the customer’s requirements.

Our Mission

We strive to satisfy our clients need by providing quality, affordable homes and building resilient and inclusive communities.

Our Approach

  • Partnership with neighborhood, civil society organizations, private sectors and government
  • Promote cost-effective, disaster-resilient, environment-friendly design and construction
  • Diversification of products and services to address need-based housing

We are Committed to

  • Being recognized by our clients for our integrity and quality of services
  • Being recognized by our clients for being efficient, and oriented to their needs

What We Offer

  • We design, build homes, we provide innovation, collaboration and expertise to a wide range of clients.
  • Facilitate easy access to housing financing mechanism
  • Provide technical services to build affordable housing